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Universal remote duplicator TUDO: TP-MULTI Model

Automatic registration on the receiver

Automatic copy of code/frequency without adjustment

Up to three different duplicate remotes in a single unit

Fast, Simple, Effective, Low-cost.

The professional duplicating remote for professionals.

TUDOTM has the solution for professionals to meet their clients needs with just one model in stock, that duplicates any remote brought in by a client.


The fact that a client can bring one of over a thousand different models of existing door opener remotes in the market, implies that making a duplicate becomes a challenge for a qualified professional.

Lower investment

For the professional it is virtually impossible to have all references of the market in their store or warehouse. This requires a large investment in equipment of different models. Even so there’s no guarantee of being able to make the duplicate that the customer wants.


TUDO duplicador de mando a distancia para puertas
  • Automatic registration on the receiver. *
  • Automatic copy of code/frequency without adjustment. **
  • Up to three different duplicate remotes in a single unit.
  • Duplication between remotes, without a machine.
  • Very easy to use. Duplicates in 10 seconds.
  • Duplicates international codes: virtually 100% of the fixed and over 90% of evolutionary.
  • Duplicates and clones original remotes and copies.
  • Compact, light and elegant design.

* If the remote recording mode is enabled on the receiver.
** Frequency range 433-868 MHz
(starting at 285 MHz for countries outside the European Community)


Why duplicate a remote opener of an automatic door?

Automation of doors is now a key element for many citizens and businesses. It is normal for a person to have multiple remotes for different doors (garage, shop, warehouse, etc.). Additionally for each door there can be more than one user, which multiplies the number of necessary remotes.

Also there is always the risk of losing or damaging a remote, therefore it is appropriate to have duplicates for the safety and comfort of all.

But the proprietor of a remote who wishes to make a duplicate is faced with the problem that doing so can be difficult and expensive. The purchase by internet appears to be an easy and cheap solution, but as there is no truly universal remote duplicator there is a very high risk that the duplicate does not function. For this reason, serious professionals abandon their online sales of duplicator remotes.

There’s only one 100% safe way to make a functional duplicate: do it in a specialized site with the help of a professional who is an authorized dealer of TUDO´s TP-MULTI remote.



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